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Te Arai BioFarma partners with Dipharma for high needs Medicines

Te Arai BioFarma and International pharmaceutical company Dipharma have partnered to bring high need Medicines to New Zealand.

The agreement begins with the registration and supply of three high needs Medicines. The Medicines are for  rare conditions such as metabolic disorders that have serious consequences on quality of life and can reduce life expectancy.

“With New Zealand’s relatively small population it is important for us to secure access to these important Medicines. In some cases for a handful of people in need.” states Scott Lissington of Te Arai BioFarma.

Historically the cost of such high needs Medicines to countries such as New Zealand is very high. “With our focus on improving access to new or needed Medicines for New Zealanders we can make these Medicines significantly more affordable for our DHBs and government”

The first of the Dipharma products has been submitted to and accepted for Medsafe review, prior to Medsafe approval the products will be made available on Section 29 of the Medicines Act.

Dipharma is one of the leading API manufacturers in Europe. Specialising in API Dipharma additionally manufacture specialty Medicines. Headquartered in Italy Dipharma also has offices in Philadelphia, USA.

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