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New medicine nitisinone approved to treat rare disorder

Te Arai BioFarma has received Medsafe registration of Nitisinone Dipharma for the treatment of adults and children with hereditary tyrosinemia type 1 (HT-1), in combination with dietary restriction of tyrosine and phenylalanine.

HT-1 is a rare genetic metabolic disorder which affects the breakdown of tyrosine, tyrosine can then accumulate in the liver, kidneys and central nervous system causing serious organ damage. If untreated HT-1 is usually fatal in childhood. Nitisinone Dipharma capsules is the first medicine for HT-1 registered in New Zealand.

"Te Arai BioFarma believes it is important that medicines for rare disorders are registered by Medsafe in order to assure our community of appropriate quality and control of medicines." said Julia Reese, Director of Regulatory Affairs at Te Arai BioFarma. "HT-1 affects only 5-6 children in New Zealand and it is vital that potentially life-saving medicines are made available."

For more information:

Te Arai BioFarma Ltd 0800 TE ARAI.

Nitisinone Dipharma is a Prescription Medicine. For full information please consult the Medsafe website and product data sheet at

Te Arai BioFarma is a New Zealand owned family company created to improve access to Medicines for New Zealanders.

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