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Clinical trials of D-mannose aid Antimicrobial Stewardship in New Zealand

Until recently there has been a paucity of randomised controlled trials (RCTs) in relation to the non-antibiotic improvement of UTI symptoms and maintenance of a healthy Urinary tract and bladder.

Like other countries New Zealand has experienced steep growth in the  incidence of drug resistant urinary tract issues, making effective management with antibiotics difficult.

New Zealand has shown through various groups including the health, quality and safety commission (HQSC) and DHBs a willingness to improve our antimicrobial stewardship, protecting and saving antibiotics for when they are most needed. Now doctors, nurses pharmacists and consumers have strong clinical data on which to base their urinary tract and bladder issue decisions – without having to rely on antibiotics.

Two randomised controlled trials of the natural carbohydrate d-mannose were published in peer-reviewed international journals during 2014. The studies demonstrated that d-mannose was able to support enrolled patients to have a healthy bladder and urinary tract to an equal or greater degree than common treatments.

Clinical data regarding high risk populations such as people requiring catheters are also in progress at University College, London.

Now available in New Zealand pharmacies d-mannose offers a natural product to support a healthy UT and bladder. With potential to reduce our reliance on antibiotics, keeping them effective when we need them.

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