World Health Organisation (WHO) Evaluating Microdacyn For World Essential Medicines List

World Health Organisation (WHO) Evaluating Microdacyn For World Essential Medicines List

March 6 2017

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has accepted for review the first ever New Zealand based submission for a product entry on the Essential Medicines List.


The World Health Organisation (WHO) Essential Medicines List (EML) committee considers Microdacyn technology during April. Microdacyn is a super oxidised solution used to prevent and manage infection while clinically provides faster wound healing. The  Essential Medicines List contains carefully selected medicines and medical devices to meet the needs of near 84% of the worlds population, those living in poor, lower or middle income countries.


The EML is also a guide for the funded availability of medicines and medical devices through governments and organisations such as UNICEF.


A successful listing would mean the poor, lower and middle countries would be able to access the same wound care and infection control product Microdacyn, which is currently used in Australia, Europe, New Zealand and the USA.


The WHO is making a significant effort in sourcing non antibiotic technologies to combat the rising issue of drug resistance. WHO 2050 forecasts predict that drug resistance will be the leading case of death worldwide, greater than both cancer and cardiovascular disease.


Full details of the Microdacyn application are available to view here.
Currently there is a substantial gap between countries in regard to wound care, for example the International Wound Infection Institute (IWII) 2016 guidelines note hydrogen peroxide products are not recommended, except in low income countries if no other products are available. With the World Health Organisation (WHO) accepting a Microdacyn application lower income countries will be able to access the same products as the rest of world.


Background on the EML is here


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