World Health Organisation considers Trinomia® as an Essential Medicine

World Health Organisation considers Trinomia® as an Essential Medicine

March 13 2017

Trinomia®,the first cardiovascular polypill, is being considered by the WHO as an Essential Medicine.


Inclusion on the Essential Medicines List (EML) allow access and funding for poor, lower and middle income countries. Supporters of the application including institutes such as Oxford University, the University of Auckland, Harvard Medical School and the World Heart Federation are quick to point out optimal heart disease treatment is not occurring in high income countries.


“There are substantial gaps in secondary prevention in countries at all economic levels. While blood pressure (BP) lowering, statins, and antiplatelet drugs have each been shown to reduce mortality and recurrent heart attacks after an acute ischemic event, and their combination is expected to reduce relative risk of events by 50 to 60%, fewer than 15% of patients receive these in the long term.” Professor David Wood, World Heart Federation President.


Research on a polypill approach to managing heart disease has been completed in New Zealand. Dr Vanessa Selak and the research team demonstrated improvement in study health outcomes and that a polypill is equally effective in Maori as non-Maori.


172,000 New Zealanders currently live with heart disease with 1 dying every 90 minutes. Te Arai BioFarma is working with Medsafe and Pharmac to ensure that New Zealanders have access to the health benefits a cardiovascular polypill can provide.


Full Trinomia polypill WHO submission is available here.


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