Microdacyn leads new Wound Care Review

Microdacyn leads new Wound Care Review

July 31 2017

A new evidence review for the prevention of infection and wound management have recently been released. The review is accompanied by training modules supported by The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC). The relatively high incidence of wound infection in New Zealand coupled with reduced health outcomes have prompted its release.

Microdacyn Wound Care Solution and Hydrogel are recommended for use including


  • Acute traumatic wounds
  • Burns
  • Chronic wounds


Microdacyn is noted as having the strongest evidence (as well as cadexomer iodine) of improving wound and chronic ulcer healing.

The benefit of Microdacyn effectively reducing infection risk while being non-damaging to normal cells makes Microdacyn suitable for first line use from hospital through to retail pharmacy.

A number of New Zealand DHBs now use Microdacyn, which is also available from local pharmacies, GPs and Podiatrists. In addition Microdacyn may be funded by ACC if injuries are the result of an accident.

For full details of Microdacyn please visit www.microdacyn.co.nz non-medical consumers please visit www.microheal.co.nz


The document is available from ACC here How to manage wound infection prevention_treatment Feb 2017

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